A Journey Back In Time

Going on road trips are always so nice and liberating. Especially now during quarantine. Saturday the weather was warmer than it’s been in MONTHS. It was in the 60’s!!! Which is like summer for us here in Portland Oregon. We decided to take a day trip and just drive!

Destination: Painted Hills Oregon.

We have been wanting to check this place out for awhile and since the weather was nice it was a perfect day trip not only to get out of the house but also to soak up some much needed sunshine. In Portland we are gray 296 days of the year so when the sun is out you go outside!

The drive there is the kinda drive that makes you wanna put your arm out the window and move it gently up & down through the air. Open plains for as far as you can see. The smell of freedom from life, work, the city and just being you in the moment. The wind blowing through my fingers was a bit chilly but the sun made it seem warmer.

We drove through areas that haven’t been touched in 80+ years. Towns that were abandoned or towns that were still functioning in the old world. Old vintage signs on buildings that are still working or signs that are holding on by their very last wire. I tried to imagine what life was like in these tiny towns back in their hay days. When car hops were hoping and life was mask less and carefree. Since the pandemic so many business have closed. Some of these abandoned buildings were closed and looked like they had closed over 40 years ago. I drove past a mechanic shop with a 80 something year old man in coveralls covered in grease tinkering on a old pick up truck out front. Since the speed limit was 25 we were able to meet eyes and he gave me a nod and we exchanged smiles.

I’d love to interview him to know more about the town and it’s history. The sign outside his business was a great 1950s sign all bubbly with the fluorescence bulbs half working.

It was a trip to see tiny towns where the welcome to “enter city name here” signs start and only 8 blocks up you’re met with a “ thanks for visiting “enter city name here”

Old cars rotting on the side of the roads being taken over by bushes and rust. Or collections of cars lined in a row with no story attached.

So many churches abandoned along the roads all that is left are the bones of the structures.

Some times you could see them as far out as you could see and i think the only way to get to them would be horseback as there was no roads leading to them.

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